2012-02-27 | 16:47:38 | Tidningar

Jedwards kolumn

Det står om deras album!

Help name our new album

Can you believe we’re recording our third album? That’s totally crazy!


You guys won’t believe how Jepic the album is going to be when it comes out this summer.


We recorded two new songs for the album last week in between all the rehearsals for Eurosong.


The first one is Young Love — it’s me and John doing our Chris Brown thing. It’s a real love song and all the girls are going to love it. It’s like nothing we’ve done before. Then we have another song, What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number and it’s really upbeat and catchy and dance-y and everyone is going to love that too.


We also have our new single, Waterline, for the album and we have to record more next month. Our last two albums were real pop teen music but this has songs which are much more meaningful and deep. Our big hope for this album is that we keep all our old fans and we find lots of new ones. The only problem is we don’t have a title for it. We need all the fans to come up with ideas and send them to jedward@thestar.ie.


Mrs Brown's a man... OMG!

Hey guys! Get your Green Capes On because we’ve loads of celebrities shooting the video for our Euro 2012 football song next Saturday! We’ll have famous footballers like Paul McGrath, RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan and DJ Larry Gogan will be on it... and TV3’s Glenda Gilson and our manager, Louis Walsh.


Dustin, Zig and Zag and Bosco are also going to feature along with boxer Bernard Dunne and comic PJ Gallagher. Bill O’Herlihy is doing it with us — as is TV chef Rachel Allen and Keith Duffy from Boyzone. And we’ll have Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys — who is going to be our mam in the video and loads of other celebrities.


We love Mrs Brown’s Boys — it’s one of our favourite ever TV shows but for ages we thought Mrs Brown was a real woman so we were like “Whoa!” when we found out she was a man dressed as a lady. Mrs Brown is amazing! The video is going to be part-animated and we’re going to be superheroes in it and it’s all really futuristic — it’ll be so cool!


The song is called Green Cape and the lyrics have been written by 2fm’s Colm Hayes to the same tune as our Eurovision hit, Lipstick. We recorded the single in London weeks ago and it will be released as a Jepic charity single for the ISPCC in May. There are going to be green capes on sale everywhere and then all the Irish fans will buy them and watch the really cool video and buy the single!


Adele cut-off was Brit rude

Adele at the Brits? So totally not cool. We had to watch the Brits on TV because we were working here in Ireland all week. We couldn’t believe it when Adele won the biggest prize for Best Album and they told her to stop talking.


She’s just after having an operation for her voice and everyone should be grateful that she has a voice and instead she was cut off and she was told there wasn’t enough time. There should always enough time for Adele and for the winner of the Brits. Adele rocks so it was totally not cool.


Get Jeddy for wild times

Our new TV show, Weird Wild World, on Channel 5 will totally rock! We thought it was going to be just one episode but now they’re like making 12 or 13 episodes which are all about a half-hour long.


We’ll be introducing the funniest and best and even the most painful video clips on the web. And not only that but we’ll be doing all these crazy costume changes and we’ll be re-enacting what happens in the video. It’s going to be Jedtastic!


Costume drama

Don’t you think our outfits for Eurosong were totally cool? We went for black and gold and went big and dramatic because we thought wearing blue for the song Waterline would be too predictable. The top was sort of Matrix-style and we had black shiny jeans so everyone could see our hips wiggle. It was like we were sewn into the outfits.


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Jedwards liv blir kanske en musikal

Från Irish Star:

Pop duo Jedward are to star in a new multi-million euro stage extravaganza based on their own wacky life story!


The 20 year old Dublin twins will star in Jedward The Musical- a new stage show which is currently under development.

The pair, who racked up more than € 1m in ticket sales each year for their last two Christmas pantos, are expected to earn even more on this show because of it's potential to tour.

There is also potential for the show to go on an extended run in London's West End due to the twins popularity in the UK.

"It's a show about us because we're famous." said Edward.

It's going to be this totally amazing musical and then maybe (Steven) Spielburg will see it and make it into a Hollywood movie!"


The twins' manager, Louis Walsh (59), is in talks with the producers about the show which they hope to bring to the stage later this year.

The musical is expected to follow the twns' rise from schoolboy pop fans to international fame on shows such as the X Factor and Eurovision.

"I've been talking with the producers and the idea is a big production with show-stopping songs and high-energy choreography and a lot of fun and colour." said Walsh.

The team behind the success of Jedward's three Christmas pantos are creating the new stage show.

The twins are also set to host a new home video show on Channel 5 called Jedward's Weird Wild World.

Dumma Sverige! Jag måste se den där!!


2012-02-25 | 17:44:01 | Allmänt

Jedward artikel i Rte Ten

Från Rte Ten


2012-02-25 | 17:31:22 | Allmänt

Irish Independant

Från Irish Independant


2012-02-25 | 14:38:03 | Allmänt

Bilder från igår

Inte så många,men fina ändå.


2012-02-25 | 12:30:01 | Allmänt

Tredje album

Jag längtar så mycket!


2012-02-25 | 00:39:52 | Eurovision 2012



2012-02-25 | 00:33:49 | Allmänt


De vann! De är vidare de kommer tävla i EUROVISION


2012-02-25 | 00:10:25 | Eurovision 2012


Om ni missade, eller bara vill se det igen!!

2012-02-24 | 22:33:04 | Eurovision 2012



2012-02-24 | 20:14:01 | Allmänt

Här kan du kolla!

Här kan du kolla när Jedward tävlar i Late Late show ikväll kl.22.35 !

Heja Jedward!

Hoppas verkligen de vinner! <3


ps. Hoppas det funkar!

2012-02-24 | 19:56:56 | Graphix / Fanart


Gjorde graphix på John för ett tag sedan! Ganska nöjd, vad tycker ni?
/ Sandra

Svar till Emma: Tack så mycket! :) Gjorde den i photoshop!

2012-02-24 | 19:50:33 | Videos

Jedward - Together We Are

Såg denna på youtube! Så himla bra gjord! Jättegullig!


2012-02-23 | 20:57:38 | Videos

Jedward Burger King Radio Adverts


2012-02-21 | 19:30:01 | JEDWARDTV

Waterline Flasmob

Åh gud vad coolt! Önska att jag fick vara med =:'(

Vid 0:58 ! Haha! =:D


2012-02-21 | 19:25:30 | Videos

Ny Celebrity Juice utmaning

Undrar varför edward aldrig gör någon utav utmaningarna? =:(


2012-02-21 | 19:23:19 | Jedward Merchandise

Ny merchandise på planetjedward

Nu finns det ny merchandise att för beställa på planetjedward.net . måste faktiskt säga att de nya kläderna är ganska snygga =;) <3


Jedward (I'm With Jedward) Fitted T-Shirt

Den här gillar jag... =:)

Jedward (Jeadly) Fitted T-Shirt

Jedward (Jed In Black) Fitted T-Shirt

Jedward (Pulling Shapes) Fitted T-Shirt

Jedward (Victory) Badge Set
Dem här ska jag köpa!

Jedward (Victory) Hoodie
Hade velat ha den här om inte deras ansikten var så blåa...


2012-02-21 | 14:05:04 | Allmänt

Waterline singel omslag

Det här är det nya singel omslaget till Waterline! Tyvärr kan man bara köpa Waterline på irländska iTunes :'( men man kan ju alltid ladda ner olagligt :o


2012-02-21 | 09:33:14 | Videos

"Fight for Eurovision 2012 Waterline"

Ja visst tycker jag att John och Edward borde vinna men jag tycker också att det här är lite överdrivet.


2012-02-21 | 09:25:34 | Videos

Niall från One Direction pratar om Jedward

Niall Horan från One Direction som själv är irländsk pratar om Jedward.
Spola fram till 2:34 det är då han berättar vad han tycker om  dem!

Åhh gud! One Direction är så söta! Det är One Direction och Jedward som gäller i mitt liv nu! <3


2012-02-19 | 23:52:47 | Allmänt

Jedward vill tydligen adoptera barn från hela världen..

Pop sensations Jedward revealed that they'd like to follow in Angelina Jolie's footsteps and adopt children from all over the world.


The twins, John and Edward, said when they settle down they would love to adopt "a kid in every country in the world."


"We love children and so we'd love to adopt a child from every country in the world," said John. "We'd be like Brad and Angelina. We'd have loads of them - boys and girls - and our kids would be the coolest in the world. They'd wear the coolest shoes, and the coolest clothes and the coolest hair. Can you imagine me and Edward with kids? It would be totally crazy!"


However, the pair insist that they are a long way off from settling down.


"We're only 20 now and ten years ago we were only ten and ten years before that we were just born," said John. "I don't know what age we'll settle down at but maybe we'll be like Justin Timberlake and settle down at 30. Although we don't really like to say that we will do anything by the time we're 30 or 40 or 50 because we could jinx it. First we want to make movies and TV shows and record more albums and win a Grammy and become a brand name across the whole world.''


He added: "It's too hard for us to say what we're going to do in ten years - a year our lives a year is the same as other people's lifetimes - so many crazy things happen!"


The pair admitted that they would love their own house but there's not much point in buying one because they'd never be there.


"We're in a different place every night," said John. "We never stay in the same place. But we are looking at places and we are looking at some cool properties."

Jedhugs Sandra =:)

2012-02-19 | 14:38:33 | News

Ny pantomin teater

Jedward: The story of Cinderella och Jedward and The Beanstalk är de pantominer som Jedward har varit med i hittills men nu kommer det en ny, Jedward and the Magic Lamp. Den kommer att spelas på Dublin's Olympia Theatre


2012-02-19 | 14:32:27 | JEDWARDTV

Jdward får eget tv-program

Från Daily Star:

WACKY twins Jedward have landed their own bloopers telly show on Channel 5.


The Irish brothers, renowned for their own bizarre antics, will front six-part series Jedward’s Weird Wild World.


They will present some of the internet’s funniest, most embarr-assing and sometimes excruciatingly painful moments caught on camera.


Whether it’s animals behaving badly or pranks that go horribly wrong, the series will feature some of the more bizarre home videos from around the globe.


Telly bosses will provide the madcap Celebrity Big Brother twins, 20, with their own state-of-the-art studio when the show hits our screens in the spring. It will be aired on the station’s spin-off channel 5.


Jedward said: “We’re so excited to be hosting this new series for 5. We love going online and watching funny clips and our new series will bring together the most amazing internet clips we could find.


“Buckle up, it’s going to be a Jepic ride!”


Jedward, real names John and Edward Grimes, have become a firm favourite with fans since their stints on X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother.


They have also starred alongside funnyman Keith Lemon, pictured left, on Celebrity Juice.


Ian Dunkley, from Channel 5 said: “We’re delighted to be able to give Jedward the opportunity to host their own show.


“They’re a perfect fit for 5 ... young, fun and they’ve got great hair.”


2012-02-19 | 14:23:39 | News

Jedward är nu ett varumärke

Från independent.ie


JEDWARD have revealed a hard-headed approach to business by converting their name into a trademark.


The Irish Patents Office has just allowed the twin's parents Susanna Condron and John Grimes to register the Jedward name, to protect their sons' hair-raising brand and its money-making potential.


The Kildare brothers, whose agent is impresario Louis Walsh, are estimated to have made in the region of €4m since bursting onto the entertainment scene on ITV's 'The X-Factor' in 2009


They've appeared in adverts for companies such as Abrakebabra, mobile operator '3', Moneysupermarket.com and Nintendo. The Nintendo deal alone is reckoned to have been worth close to €600,000.


Securing a trademark for the Jedward name means anyone who now uses it in Ireland to promote or sell anything without permission, could be sued for damages, or even wind up in jail.


The trademark registration indicates the Jedward name could be used to sell many products you'd expect -- such as hair gels, and others you wouldn't, including walking sticks.


The twins' parents are evidently hoping they will come up smelling of roses for some time to come. The 'Planet Jedward' website already sells items such as T-shirts, mugs and chocolate bars.


Brand expert Gerard Tannam said the Jedward juggernaut has been very carefully cultivated and promoted by the 20-year-old twins and Louis Walsh.


"What they've been very clever with is the development of the trademark elements of Jedward, in terms of the hairstyles, catchphrases and the interaction between them," he said.


Mr Tannam said that while it's difficult to predict what kind of longevity the Jedward brand might have, he agreed they've done "very well" so far.


"With Jedward, it's very clear what you're going to get," he added, noting that their influence goes far beyond their core teenage audience.


He said that it was "no surprise" that Louis Walsh is the agent to have latched on to them.


"Louis has been very good at identifying and promoting a certain kind of Irishness that's very much based on the kid-next-door persona."


The twins are currently vying to take centre stage again this year for Ireland at the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan with their tune 'Waterline'.


They represented Ireland in Germany last year with their song 'Lipstick', and came eighth. That was the best result for Ireland in the competition since 2000.


Jedward are currently on a countrywide tour, and tickets for their shows are €35.50. They played 11 dates across Europe in January.


Slogans and words, as well as artwork specific to a brand, can all be trademarked.


Once approved, a trademark in Ireland is secure for an initial 10 years. It can then be extended indefinitely for 10-year periods.


A successful registration means that anyone who infringes the trademark by using it without permission, can be sued in court by the holder of the trademark.


That could include taking an action for damages, or an injunction preventing the use of the trademark.


But criminal cases can also result, with a conviction for infringement being punishable by up to six months' imprisonment and a fine of €1,300."


2012-02-15 | 18:37:20 | Allmänt

Till Cassandra

Du kan få en sista chans,ok? Om du svarar på första innan fredag är du med igen :) !

2012-02-15 | 16:22:41 | Bilder


Dags för fråga två i tävlingen "The Ultimate Jedward Fan",eller det är snarare en utmaning...

Utmaning: Kan du se skillnad på John och Edward? Här kommer sju bilder på antingen John eller Edward och din uppgift är att säga vem som är vem. Är du redo...eller inte?

Vi vill ha svar från följande:

Nu gäller det tjejer,glöm inte att ni kan vinna priser! <3

Bild 1.

Bild 2.
Edward Grimes outside the X-Factor studios London, England

Bild 3.

Bild 4.

Bild 5.

Bild 6.

Bild 7.


2012-02-14 | 21:33:31 | Allmänt

Svar på kommentar! <3

Kommentar: Vart har Sandra försvunnit från bloggen? :)

Svar: Det undrar jag också... :o


2012-02-14 | 20:15:08 | Videos


Lite bloopers från inspelningen av Jedward's Big Adventure... Jag fattar inte att de kan vara så roliga´! =:D

"So that's older than our grandad." Lol <3


2012-02-14 | 20:10:30 | News

Irish Star Spalt

Jedward har sin egen spalt i "The Irish Star".

"No time to be Playboys, we've got a tour to do -

Guys, we turned down an invite to the Playboy Mansion this weekend — because we had to be back home to start our Irish tour tomorrow night!


We turned down all these crazy invites to the Grammy parties this weekend. Our showbiz friend Tara Reid got us invites to P Diddy’s Grammy party which he’s holding in the Playboy Mansion this weekend.


We thought that only Hugh Hefner hosted parties in the mansion but lots of other celebrities do too. It would have been really cool to go but it’s also really cool to be starting our Irish tour and meeting fans. Everyone will see all the Jepic clothes and runners we bought over in Los Angeles. We want everyone to know we’re back to earth, we’re totally real and we’re totally ready and we’re looking forward to seeing all our fans again!


We’ve been on holidays in LA all this week and we’ve had a Jepic time! We’ve been going non-stop for months so we took four days out to have a bit of fun. We love LA because we know that someone like Katy Perry could be 100 metres away from us. She could also be a million metres away from us but then some other big star like Justin Timberlake could be right beside us.


Every time you turn a corner you can maybe see one of the biggest stars on the planet! And because we wear these really cool clothes everyone thinks we’re famous too. People keep stopping us to ask if we’re famous. We’ve been staying in the SLS Beverly Hills hotel which is this totally cool hotel just next to all the big designer stores on Rodeo Drive. The guys working here have told us that they’ve seen stars like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Bon Jovi and Paris Hilton.


We met Brandy in the lobby. I didn’t know who she was but John did. She was a big singer in the 90s. We also went out to big celebrity restaurants like Mr Chows with Tara Reid and we went for sushi in Katsuya on Hollywood Boulevard. Mark from Westlife showed us Katsuya one of the last times we were in LA so we went back again this time.


We spent most of the time going out and shopping — we found this really cool boutique where Prince and Duran Duran shop. No one told us about it — we just found it — and the shop had all these cool press clippings about all the really cool celebrities who shop there. We bought the coolest clothes and now we have to buy extra suitcases to get them all home!


We’re saying no to botox factor -

All the stars here are into plastic surgery but we think it’s totally crazy. It doesn’t work anyway because we’ve seen lots of people here who have had surgery and they kind of look like aliens.


Me and John have decided we want to grow older with our fans. We think it would be crazy if all our fans were old people and we were still 20. We want to stay on the same page as our fans so we’re never going to have plastic surgery. Even if we lose our hair, we won’t care and we won’t have surgery. We’re going to get cool hats instead. We’ll be like The Edge from U2 and he’s totally cool.


There’s no L.A. pad but Tokyo is cool -

No, we were not buying a house worth €3 million in Los Angeles — and we’re not moving to Los Angeles either. There’s been lots of stories about us buying a big mansion here. We’re not buying anything — we were just looking at some really cool properties!


We went to Sothebys Auctioneers to see some Hollywood houses and the people working there were like: “Who are you guys?’’. We’re definitely going to buy our own house but it’s too crazy to live in Europe. All our Jedicated fans know where we live at home in Dublin and they’re always there — so we thought we’d look at a place somewhere like America where we can be crazy fans!


Our dream house is somewhere enclosed with a swimming pool but not too quiet. It has to be somewhere warm but not too hot because we don’t want to look like we were tangoed. We don’t know where we’re going to buy yet though — we might even buy a place in Tokyo. Tokyo is probably cool."

Älskar dem!


2012-02-13 | 13:43:45 | Allmänt

Kai Z Feng bild

Fotografen Kai Z Feng har släppt en ny bild på John och Edward

Snygga som vanligt!


2012-02-13 | 13:41:03 | Allmänt


Vill bara tacka alla för alla gulliga kommentarer och allt! Det är jätte många som säger att bloggen är så bra och att den har jättebra info och så. Tack för att ni ger oss tips och länkar till olika hemsidor och videos!

Tack! Ni är världens bästa bloggläsare! <3


2012-02-12 | 21:34:35 | Videos

Jedward's Big Adventure

Hej tjejer! Förlåt att jag inte har bloggat så mycket men det är så himla mycket just nu! 
Det kanske blir ett inlägg om dagen den här vckan,hoppas jag! <3

Här kan ni se alla avsnitt av Jedward's Big Adventure. De är riktigt roliga så ni bored verkligen kolla dem!


PS. Ni som är anmälda till tävlingen och fortfarande inte har svarat måste göra det nu! Annars blir ni diskade!

2012-02-09 | 17:25:30 | Låtar


Här är John och Edwards nya låt. Den är skriven av ens svensk, Nicke Jarl.

Det här är nog den bästa låt jag någonbsin har hört. Jag gråter fortfarande... =:')


2012-02-07 | 16:09:12 | Intervjuer

John och Edward artikel

John och Edward är i L.A just nu

Intervju frånLiesangeles.com

John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes are identical twins and comprise a hip-pop duo titled “Jedward” They originate from across the pond but their influence is now worldwide. Both their music and their personalities have skyrocketed them to the top as one of the most loved bands by fans across the world. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting them both. “Jedward” has made even a photographer like me become a fan!!!


Their personalities are larger than life and their energy dictates that of a celebrity who can embrace all that entails in being a “true” celebrity. After being around them and speaking with them, I can honestly say that their fans are some of the luckiest fans in the world. These boys truly are special and I look forward to their contributions in the entertainment field.

 Kul att läsa vad de som aldrig hört om Jedward skriver!


2012-02-07 | 16:05:31 | Tidningar

Jedward i FHM magazine

Här är skannerna från FHM magazine.


2012-02-07 | 16:00:52 | Videos

Jedward's Big Adventure CBBC Extra

Haha! <3


2012-02-07 | 15:59:11 | JEDWARDTV


John är så gullig när han skriker "Aj"!


2012-02-07 | 15:51:55 | Musik

Jedwards ESC låt

Jedwards ESC låt kommer att heta "What's Yor Number"..

Det här är från digitalspy.co.uk

The duo will enter this year's song contest representing Ireland with a track called 'What's Your Number?', which they revealed via their official Twitter page.

Jedward said: "Our Eurovision song is called 'Whats Your Number?'. Its a really fun song (sic).

"You can listen to it millions of times and always smile! Ahhhhhhh we can't wait for your to hear it! Whats Your Number is gonna change the world!"

The pair also described the track as a "catchy flirty song", adding: "It's gonna be the most JEPIC Eurovision song ever! we could get a Grammy!"

Jedward finished eighth in last year's competition with 'Lipstick', securing 119 points for Ireland. They placed ahead of Blue, who landed in 11th place with 'I Can'.

The twins recently told Digital Spy that they are planning a "huge mega-performance" for this year's Eurovision, which will be held in Azerbaijan on May 14.

Från deras twitter


Låten kommer att spelas för första gången den 9 februari på radiostationen Radio 1 i Irland.



2012-02-07 | 15:43:26 | Låtar


Från "Irish Independent"

POP duo Jedward have enlisted the help of a top Westlife songwriter for their new Eurovision bid.


Swede Nick Jarl has written tracks for the last four albums by the million- selling Irish boyband and now he has contributed a new song 'Waterline' for the twins.


However, it will be his first time in Eurovision if the Lucan twins make it to the competition this year.


To do so they must beat songs from five rivals on a 'Late Late Show' Eurosong special scheduled for February 24.


But Jedward's mentor Linda Martin said she had great hopes for 'Waterline', which gets its first play on Derek Mooney's RTE Radio 1 show on Thursday.


"Waterline is a fantastic European pop song. Nick uses the word waterline as a metaphor for falling in love, and this will be his first time in Eurovision, if we make it," said Ms Martin.


"Nothing is a given. Jedward and I know that we are up against five good songs from five great singers. It's a five-horse race," she told the Irish Independent.


There was controversy last year when Jedward's entry 'Lipstick' was leaked on to the internet.


However, this year RTE has announced that none of the five songs will be announced until their first airplay on RTE Radio this week.


The other mentors and acts include TV producer Bill Hughes, who mentors former Irish entrant Donna McCaul.


Also in the mix are musician and producer Greg French with singer Andrew Mann; former B*witched member Edele Barrett with Maria McCool; and agent Julian Benson with singing duo Una Gibney and David Shannon.


As in 2011 the winner will be selected by a public tele-vote and a series of regional juries.


The act chosen as Ireland's Eurovision entry for 2012 will once again have to compete in a semi-final on either May 22 or May 24, in the hope of making the grand final on May 26 in Azerbaijan.


2012-02-07 | 15:37:39 | Intervjuer

"What's On Tv" intervju med Edward

Since X Factor, you’ve had a platinum album, your own reality show, represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest and starred in Celebrity Big Brother. So tell us about your new kids show?

“We’re really excited because it’s totally crazy! We went all over the UK learning how to become tour guides. We had 24 hours to learn about a World Heritage site and then take a group of tourists on a tour there. John and I were competing against each other with a celebrity guest to help us both.”


So how is the winner decided?

“After our tour, the tourists are quizzed and the group that gets the most answers right means that tour guide has won. But the loser gets a messy forfeit. In Edinburgh, I got to throw a bucket of fake pooh all over John, and on the Jurassic Coast we blew up a quarry and John got covered in beans and flour!”


Which celebrity guests join you on the show?

“In the first episode at the Tower of London we had Joe Swash and Brian Dowling. I got dressed up as Anne Boleyn while Joe tried to behead me and we all had a massive water fight! We had great guests like Blue Peter presenters and the girl band Parade.”


Why do you think children will enjoy the show?

“They’ll learn loads of facts, but it’s not like one of those boring TV shows that’s filmed in a studio. We were on top of mountains in the wind and rain so we had to keep topping up our hairspray!”


Have you bought your own house yet?

“No because then everyone would know where we live and it would be crazy. When we stay in hotels our fans are always outside and when we filmed the series, we’d be in the middle of nowhere and they still tracked us down. We could live in a hot air balloon. That would be kind of cool.”


So what do you spend your money on?

“We buy loads of famous memorabilia. We have Michael Jackson’s autograph like, 24 times, and loads of Britney Spears stuff, including a costume she wore on tour.”


You’ve done so much over the last three years, what’s been the highlight?

“Meeting Barack Obama - that was pretty cool - and going on stage with Britney Spears.”


2012-02-07 | 15:33:53 | Intervjuer

John och Edward vill alltid bo tillsammans

Från "Sunday Mirror"

Jedward will always live in the same house – even after they get married, the pop twins have revealed.


The former X Factor stars, 20, said they cannot bear to be apart from each other and will never let a woman get between them.


They added: “When we get married we’ll get a big house with separate bedrooms, but a communal kitchen and living room so we could still see each other all the time.


“We are trying to buy a house in LA. It was £6million, but now it’s down to ­£3million and we’re waiting to hear whether we can have it.”


In the past the Irish duo have said they have no time for girls and are still virgins. But that does not stop them getting offers.


Edward said: “We get girls breaking into our dressing rooms all the time. If we’re in a hotel girls book the rooms around us and listen through the walls. Girls come up to us in the street.


“But we haven’t got time for anything serious. We are focussed on becoming more and more famous.”


And despite all the female interest, the twins – who say their dream woman would be Kelly Brook – still leave something to be desired in the romance department.


John said: “If I was on my perfect date with a girl I’d take her to a supermarket to buy all the best food. Or we’d go to a water park.”

Det är ok med mig...


2012-02-07 | 15:32:10 | Videos

Jedward's Big Adventure

Här är första avsnittet av Jedward's Big Adventure.

Ni borde verkligen kolla på avsnittet. Det ät jätteroligt! <3 <3


2012-02-05 | 22:36:46 | Allmänt

Svar på kommentar! <3

Kommentar: Vet ni var man kan köpa deras 'björnskor' , 'pandaskor' och deras tigerjackor ? =:)

Svar: Hej! Jag har kollat runt lite och har hittat några ställen som där du kan köpa det du letar efter!
Here we go!





2012-02-03 | 14:59:27 | News

Jedward satsar högt

Från "The Irish sun"

Det är samma tjej som har skrivit "Jedward: Our Story" som skrev den här artikeln.


2012-02-01 | 16:49:08 | Videos

Jedward i Estland

Oj,helt galet!