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"Vi har inte tid för ledighet"

JEDWARD have no time to halt their hectic schedule for a summer holiday.

The Lucan twins have already been back to Germany three times for

gigs and appearances since their return from their appearance at Eurovision at Azerbaijan.


And the effervescent twins are showing no sign of slowing down during the summer months.


The pair are already preparing for a third Dublin Bus Jedward Panto in the Olympia in December.


And John said that they have no major plans for a summer holiday.


"The last day we had off -- I think we had three days. And we just went to Tokyo," he said.


Edward added that they would really like to travel more of the world, simply to meet more of their fans.


"Anytime we get a break we always want to go somewhere," he told the Herald.


"So the next break we get we'll go to the Philippines and Singapore and Malaysia.

We want to go there and say hey to everybody," John added.


Jedward and the Magic Lamp producer and choreographer

Stuart O'Connor told the Herald that the pop stars' team often have

to convince the duo to take a break.


"Being with them 24 hours a day, you can see that they work so hard," he said.


"They are two of the hardest working blokes I have ever worked with.


"They just feed off the energy from the fans and the fact that the album is doing

so well in the charts. That stuff just keeps them going.


"They do chill out. They do go home and relax," he said.


"But you know you sometimes have to make them do that. It is quite often they want to

keep going. They'll want to go outside, they'll want to stay with the fans.


"Sometimes you have to drag them away and say 'Look lads you have to move on'."


The former X Factor stars have a new album out called Young Love.


But brothers John and Edward (20) insist that there is no one special girl for them at this stage.


"It's not about anyone really -- it's about like Tara Reid," Edward joked about the

American Pie star -- they have become pals since their Big Brother appearance together.


"It's about what's in our heart. I know our new album is called Young Love but it's not

romantic or like a crazy album.


"I think it's really solid and people who might not be our fans will really, really like it."


The boys said that they particularly love playing to Dublin audiences during the panto

in December this year.


"I think it is great that fans travel to see us from all over the world," John said.


"It's like a thing to do -- to see Jedward in panto before you die."






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