2012-06-29 | 16:21:14 | Intervjuer

John och Edward förblir singla.

-POP twins Jedward plan to stay single.

Signing copies of their new album 'Young Love' in HMV Dundrum this morning,

they declared themselves "definitely single".


"We don't have girlfriends, we are both single"

"It would be awkward talking to your fans if you had a girlfriend

and it would be kind of weird to have a girlfriend following you around," John told Independent.ie.







2012-06-28 | 16:25:18 | Tidningar

Big Magazine- Italy

Ännu en gång är Jedward med i den italienska tidningen "Big Magazine"

2012-06-27 | 18:38:36 | Allmänt

Jedward intervju med gofeminin.de


2012-06-27 | 18:25:13 | Twitter

Gulliga tweets av Jedward.

Detta twittrade Jedward igår, lite små gulliga texter faktistkt! 

2012-06-21 | 17:51:04 | Allmänt

Köp "Young Love"

Nu kan du beställa "Young Love" på cdon.com . Den kostar 149 kr + frakt 29 kr.
Det blir alltså 179 kr. totalt.

2012-06-20 | 11:40:21 | Allmänt

"Happens In The Dark"

Radiostationen "Galway Bay Fm" spelade "Happens In The Dark" igår. Den är verkligen jättebra.

2012-06-20 | 11:35:10 | Allmänt

Förhandsboka "Young Love" på iTunes nu!

Nu kan du förhandsboka "Young Love" på iTunes för 129 kr.!

2012-06-17 | 17:50:24 | Young Love

Never Better, School's Out och Cool Heroes

De tre bonus låtarna från "Young Love"


Jag gillar verkligen "Cool Heroes"


2012-06-17 | 17:48:26 | Young Love

Jedward om Young Love Videon

JEDWARD were at panic stations this week when they realised they hadn't recorded a
video for their latest single.


The 20-year-old twins only realised on Monday that they needed a video for Young Love,
 which hit shelves yesterday.


The hair-raising duo kept it cool though, and told the Herald that they've now become music
 -- after taking on the task themselves.


"We only found out last minute when the single was coming out because we've been getting
 ready for our tour.


"We just decided to do it ourselves. We wrote out a storyboard, filmed it and edited
 it all ourselves.


"So we took a day out of dance rehearsals, got a camera and recorded it all in one day.


"We just called the Olympia and went down there -- it's a real movie, cinematic style of video
, it'll make a big impact," Edward said.


In fact, the Grimes brothers may consider making a career out of directing in the future.


"We've done two videos now and we're getting really good.


"We're going to invest in a really good camera, a weird, expensive one and go
 around filming everything," said John.



Här är videon igen för er som vill se den igen eftersom jag antar att ni alla sett den förut.


2012-06-17 | 17:40:53 | Tidningar

Jedworld kolumn

Swede Love – Our fab new single is No1


Hey you guys, it’s been another Jepic week as we have just released
 our new single Young Love and it has already gone to No1 in Sweden, thanks Sweden!

We’re so happy as we love our Swedish friend Loreen who won the
Eurovision and we cannot wait to see our fans over there when we go on tour.

Not only have we gone to No1, but our video for Young Love got over
 300,000 hits on YouTube in the first day of going live.

That is awesome and it’s growing by the second so come on guys let’s get it to a million!

We had such fun making our video in the Olympia, we love it
 in there as it’s nice and dark and thought it would be a perfect place to shoot a video.

The imagination for the video was the U2 song
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.

The video was made entirely by us, we filmed it, did the lighting, and
 chose what we were going to wear and then we edited it.

We wanted to make a video that displays our emotional side and for our fans to see us
 in a whole new light in that we are not just crazy Jedward who wear wacky things and
 like to jump around the place.

It will show our emotion and passion as singers and that we are just two young
guys that are growing up and moving on to their next chapter.

As you all saw at Eurovision our hair is combed down and we are dressed
 in casual clothing instead of flamboyant costumes.

More importantly, we think we sound awesome on the album.

Before, when we were on X Factor and the first Eurovision people kept saying we
 couldn’t sing but that was because we were young and not used to performing.

Our voices have always been there we just have developed them more and they're
a lot stronger so I think the people that didn’t like us before will love us now.

We can’t wait for the album release next Friday, which is also called Young Love and that’s
 what it is all about, the love we have for our fans.

All the songs are good. It’s not like some albums where there are one or two songs
on it and that’s it, they’re all good songs.

We hope to do a lot of our new material at the Westlife concert next week, woohoo!

Don’t worry Westlife fans, we’ll help dry your tears in Dublin next weekend,
there’s gonna some major flooding at Croke Park!

We will make you dance and sing and forget about the sadness for a while
, it’s going to be awesome, playing Croke Park is like one of the biggest things
 ever for us, we’re so excited and we will make everyone excited too!


Spikes hair to stay


Our fans know how important our hair is in making the Jedward image awesome
 so that’s why we’re launching our own hair products and other cool stuff soon.

We’re going to have Jedward hair products, Jedward hairspray, Jedward skinny jeans,
 Jedward shirts, Jedward ties and Jedward everything.

We are always going to have spiky hair no matter what, it is the coolest hair in the
world, it is like the third wonder of the world. You can’t get rid of it.

I think in Eurovision last year our hair was spiky and this year we had our hair flat
 – but our spiky hair and the quiffs are never disappearing.


You should drink a skinful of water


So many fans compliment us on our skin and say that it’s always clear and spot-free
 – but that’s only because we take care of it.

We used to get spots a lot when we were younger and to avoid them we drank lots
 and lots of water.

Water is our fuel and it makes us healthy, also when you have a shower make sure
 it’s really hot so the steam opens up your pores so that you don’t get bacteria or germs building up.

Stay healthy guys and keep drinking the H2O!


Irish Star

image description


2012-06-17 | 17:36:41 | Young Love


De spelade Luminous på en irländsk radiostation igår. Visst är den bra!?


2012-06-15 | 15:54:45 | Young Love

Young Love nr.1

Bra jobbat! <3


2012-06-14 | 12:58:48 | Young Love

Twitlonger till fansen. MÅSTE LÄSAS

Nä,nu blev jag bara rädd
och ledsen... =:'(

John & Edward have signed
with their record company
Universal a 3-album deal,
which means that her contract
after her third Album, 'Young Love', expires.
This in turn means that this could be their last album - but does not have to.

To keep the guys for
interesting record labels,
have achieved their singles
and albums on the charts
And here we come in, because
without us will not happen.

Unfortunately, advertising
is the most important thing to a universal album sold well and there makes absolutely
no advertising for Jedward, we have to deal with this.

What this means for us,
so many magazines, radio
stations and television stations as possible and write to tell them
about 'Young Love' and that it


2012-06-13 | 21:59:25 | Framträdanden

"Put The Green Cape On" live on Craig Doyle Live


2012-06-13 | 21:56:15 | Young Love

Young Love FULL song och Young Love (album) previews


2012-06-11 | 16:20:24 | Young Love

Young Love SINGEL artwork och releasdatum

Young Love SINGELN släpps den 15 juni alltså på fredag! Kul va?! Den släpps över hela världen om ni undrar =;)


2012-06-10 | 19:55:05 | Allmänt

Dagens Citat 10/6

John: "If I had treasure ok I would bury it somewhere you wouldn't
 know. I wouldn't leave a map, I wouldn't leave a x marks the spot or else someone
will take it. Where would I leave it okay? I'd leave it in like some crazy
mountain or like under
 the sea."

Edward: "I'd leave it under the toilet."


2012-06-10 | 19:52:36 | Bilder

Dagens Bild 10/6

Gulligaste bilden någonsin =:')


2012-06-09 | 14:00:01 | Videos

Jedward's Eurovision : Take Two

En dokumentär om dem och deras Eurovision framträdanden o.s.v


2012-06-09 | 13:51:42 | Tidningar

Jedward intervju i Frida



2012-06-04 | 09:04:32 | Young Love


Här kan ni kolla in previews på nästan ala låtar från killarnas kommande album "Young Love".

Fast Jag tycker vi ska respektera att skivan kommer ut den 22 juni.


image description


2012-06-03 | 16:29:38 | Young Love

Förbeställ "Young Love"

Du kan förbeställa "Young Love" på play.com och HMV . Skivan innehåller inte de tre
sista låtarna 'Never Better', 'Cool Heroes' och 'Schools Out' som kanske bara är iTunes

image description


1. Waterline

2. Young Love

3. What's Your Number?

4. A Girl Like You

5. Luminous

6. Give It Up

7. Happens In The Dark

8. All I Want Is You

9. What It Feels Like

10. How Did You Know?

11. Can't Forget You

12. P.O.V.


2012-06-03 | 16:10:19 | Intervjuer

Loreen om Jedward


2012-06-03 | 16:07:04 | Twitter

Välkomna "Momma Jedward" till twitter

Nu välkomnar vi Jedwards mamma Susanna till twitter. Hennes
anvädarnamn är @mommajedward