2012-05-28 | 15:24:54 | Eurovision 2012

Edward: "Ja,vi är helt klart besvikna."

Jedward admitted last night that they are bitterly disappointed with their 19th placing in the Eurovision.

John and Edward, who jetted in from Baku in Azerbaijan last night, confessed they had expected to do better.

“Me and John, we’re like really disappointed with the results,” said Edward.

“It was crazy because we definitely hoped to do better in the votes. We thought we had a totally Jepic song with Waterline. We gave it everything but we wanted to get lots more votes for Ireland.” Gutted Edward added: “We’d like to thank The Star for all their support and all our Irish fans who supported us out in Baku.

“And we’d like to thank all the team who were out there with us who all worked so hard.” The pair insisted that they left Azerbaijan with many happy memories. “We were a bit, ‘What the heck?’ when we didn’t get all the votes we wanted but we had a great time in Azerbaijan,” said Edward.

“It was great to have the chance to represent Ireland for the second time in Azerbaijan. Me and John want to say that Sweden definitely deserved to win — Loreen was wearing one of our Jedheads this morning. And we were like presidents in Azerbaijan — everyone treated all of us so well and we made so many fans there too.”

Typically, Jedward were bursting with energy and positive attitude when they arrived at Dublin Airport to a gang of screaming fans. And the two received a deservedly Jepic welcome home — with the terminal packed full of supporters. “We haven’t gone to bed at all — our sleep patterns are all over the place,” they told reporters at a press conference in the VIP suite in Terminal 1. And the pair were far from dejected with their time in Azerbaijan.

They said: “We had an awesome time. We totally rocked it. I think we are still really influential around the world.” The popstars, who were looking smart in striped suits with a red tie and purple shoes, had their hair back up in their usual Jedward fashion. When asked if they thought having flat hair on the night of the Eurovision final lost them votes they said: “It’s not about the hair, it’s about the substance and quality.”

They said they will wear their hair flat in public again, while adding that they would not be representing Ireland next year but suggesting that maybe “Bono should”. Edward said: “If the President rings and says, ‘Jedward we need you guys’ then we will think about it.” Jedward added that whoever goes next year would get “a group hug or something and some tips” from them.

And the twins insisted they are now getting back to work and concentrating on their new album Young Love due for release on June 22 and a new tour. It also emerged yesterday that the twins fared much better in the voting for their semi-final last Tuesday night when they qualified for Eurovision.

John and Edward came sixth out of the 18 countries in their semi. The Russian grannies topped the voting and went on to come second in the Eurovision song contest. The eventual winner Sweden came first in the second semi-final for the Eurovision, followed by Serbia, which came third in the Eurovision finals.




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