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Eurovision nästa år igen...?!

Eurovision nästa år igen....men för Ryssland!?

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The twins are representing Ireland for the second time
in tomorrow's Eurovision Song

Jedward have revealed they want to return to the Eurovision next year -
 but not to represent

Before even taking part in tomorrow's final,
 the brothers have begun hatching plans to try out for Russia.

The pop twins admitted they've fallen in love with the
church-going pensioners who are representing the world's largest country this year.

Now the 20-year-olds want to do their friendship with the
 old ladies proud and take their place next year despite not speaking the language.

And amazingly the boys would be able to represent Russia -
as it has open auditions.

Edward said: "We can represent Russia in the Eurovision,
 even though we don't speak Russian. We have so many fans in Russia."

And the Waterline lads are expecting a rapturous welcome there. John said:
"We haven't been in Russia yet, but when we do it's going to be the most craziest moment out of the world.

"When we get there, I don't know what's going to happen. The girls are
 going to go crazy - they might even kidnap us and bring us to their house
and never let us go back."

Yesterday the quiff-haired brothers had a break from rehearsing to join
Sweden's entrant Loreen - giving her advice before the second semi-final.

Edward said: "We gave her some Jedward love, and some Jedward hugs.

"We were practising our dance moves with her because every contestant wants some Jedluck."

But If Jedward manage to lift the Eurovision title tomorrow night in Baku,
Azerbaijan, it would mean Dublin would be under siege next year.

Organisers announced that next year's final will take place on May 18 -
 the same day the Heineken Cup final is set to be played at the Aviva Stadium.



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