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Liam's Eurovision Dagbok

Boys Jed sad over the score

There's no denying it — everyone in Team Ireland, especially Jedward, are gutted over the result
 in Azerbaijan.

No one is really sure what went wrong.

I just wonder if all the hype about Jedward’s song worked against us.

Maybe people assumed we’d get the votes anyway and didn’t bother backing us?
The only consolation we have is that everyone gave it their all, the guys gave a brilliant
performance and the best song won on the night.

Loreen’s a bubbly gal

The Eurovision winner Loreen and the entire Swedish delegation were staying in our hotel.
 So when we arrived back with our tails between our legs at around 5am we walked straight
 into the celebrations for Sweden. It was hard to get into the party mood but we perked up to
 share a glass of champagne with them and then we all went for breakfast. When we were leaving
 for our flight at 7am they were all still up cracking open bottles of bubbly!

The lads keep the Jed up

It’s onwards and upwards for Jedward. They’re saying they’ve had a knock
 back but it’s not a knock-out. We head to Germany tomorrow where they appear
on TV before coming back to Ireland for gigs next weekend. And tickets for their next tour are selling out!



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"Ingen mer Eurovision för vår del"

It's U2's turn: Jedward say they won't do Eurovision again (unless the Irish President asks)
Posted on May 28, 2012 at 6:35 AM
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Jedward jetted home from Azerbaijan yesterday and insisted: "Ireland can still win the Eurovision ."

But the wacky twins, 20, admitted they won't be hoping to head back to Eurovision for a third year running - unless the President asks them to do it.

Now the lads want U2 to man up and represent Ireland at next year's concert in Sweden - to ensure Ireland definitely win again.

Edward said: "I think Ireland is going to win next year with somebody else."

"I think Bono should go. Or Robbie Williams."

John smiled: "I think we'll leave it to somebody else to do it next year. We'll leave it to a new artist out there who is undiscovered.

"Ireland do have a chance of winning - we've won seven times before."

Edward added: "We never know what will happen. If the President rings us up and says, 'John and Edward, we need you. Seriously we need you guys'. Then we'll think about it."

The lads were mobbed by more than 500 fans who turned up to welcome them home at Dublin Airport - with some even chasing them around the car park.

Despite coming a disappointing 19th place with Waterline in Baku , the boys want to help pick next year's entrant - who needs to be just as energetic as them.

John said: "It's about getting the whole nation involved - with us everybody wanted to watch it.

"The person who does it next year needs to have a good following."

Edward added: "We could have our own TV show on RTE to find the next person to represent Ireland."

And the Dubliners believe they could have been scuppered by dopey fans who managed to get the number of their performance wrong.

Edward said: "I think they could have got their votes mixed up between 24 and 23 - maybe they got the number wrong.

"Maybe they thought we were 24 and voted for Serbia."

But the Grimes brothers insisted they won't be sobbing over their poor result - and promised they will use their flat hair again.

John said: "We're never disappointed because we've gained so many fans. We've been to a totally different part of the world, we never imagined we'd be to."

Edward added: "I think it was good that me and John introduced flat hair because before that it was an undercurrent thing, so it's good that so many people saw us with flat hair. And yes we will use flat hair again."

The boys also revealed they were happy that Sweden took the trophy home - after becoming good pals with Loreen who was staying at their hotel.

John said: "We were friends with Loreen so it's really great that she won.

"We used to see her at breakfast each morning and she's really cool."



Visst är det en gullig bild =:) <3

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Edward: "Ja,vi är helt klart besvikna."

Jedward admitted last night that they are bitterly disappointed with their 19th placing in the Eurovision.

John and Edward, who jetted in from Baku in Azerbaijan last night, confessed they had expected to do better.

“Me and John, we’re like really disappointed with the results,” said Edward.

“It was crazy because we definitely hoped to do better in the votes. We thought we had a totally Jepic song with Waterline. We gave it everything but we wanted to get lots more votes for Ireland.” Gutted Edward added: “We’d like to thank The Star for all their support and all our Irish fans who supported us out in Baku.

“And we’d like to thank all the team who were out there with us who all worked so hard.” The pair insisted that they left Azerbaijan with many happy memories. “We were a bit, ‘What the heck?’ when we didn’t get all the votes we wanted but we had a great time in Azerbaijan,” said Edward.

“It was great to have the chance to represent Ireland for the second time in Azerbaijan. Me and John want to say that Sweden definitely deserved to win — Loreen was wearing one of our Jedheads this morning. And we were like presidents in Azerbaijan — everyone treated all of us so well and we made so many fans there too.”

Typically, Jedward were bursting with energy and positive attitude when they arrived at Dublin Airport to a gang of screaming fans. And the two received a deservedly Jepic welcome home — with the terminal packed full of supporters. “We haven’t gone to bed at all — our sleep patterns are all over the place,” they told reporters at a press conference in the VIP suite in Terminal 1. And the pair were far from dejected with their time in Azerbaijan.

They said: “We had an awesome time. We totally rocked it. I think we are still really influential around the world.” The popstars, who were looking smart in striped suits with a red tie and purple shoes, had their hair back up in their usual Jedward fashion. When asked if they thought having flat hair on the night of the Eurovision final lost them votes they said: “It’s not about the hair, it’s about the substance and quality.”

They said they will wear their hair flat in public again, while adding that they would not be representing Ireland next year but suggesting that maybe “Bono should”. Edward said: “If the President rings and says, ‘Jedward we need you guys’ then we will think about it.” Jedward added that whoever goes next year would get “a group hug or something and some tips” from them.

And the twins insisted they are now getting back to work and concentrating on their new album Young Love due for release on June 22 and a new tour. It also emerged yesterday that the twins fared much better in the voting for their semi-final last Tuesday night when they qualified for Eurovision.

John and Edward came sixth out of the 18 countries in their semi. The Russian grannies topped the voting and went on to come second in the Eurovision song contest. The eventual winner Sweden came first in the second semi-final for the Eurovision, followed by Serbia, which came third in the Eurovision finals.



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Det går rykten om att ESC var fake och att inte alla röster för Jedward räknades,så jag tänkte bara berätta vad det är som händer om det är någon som är lite förvirrad.

Ryktena säger att inga av Tysklands röster för Jedward räknades utan att de bara fick slumpmässiga poäng för att det inte skulle verka misstänksamt. De säger också att Irland var i topp fem med bl.a Grekland. Sedan säger de också att alla röster är fake och att allt är bara påhittat så inga av rösterna räknas utan det är bara ett sätt att tjäna pengar.

Vi vet ju inte om någonting är sant,men jag måste säga att Jedward kom på en ganska dålig plats med tanke på alla fans de har...


https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-1/2723672/images/2012/pic_204304207.jpg" class="image">

2012-05-27 | 20:31:54 | Eurovision 2012


Det går rykten om att ESC var fake och att inte alla röster för Jedward räknades,så jag tänkte bara berätta vad det är som händer om det är någon som är lite förvirrad.

Ryktena säger att inga av Tysklands röster för Jedward räknades utan att de bara fick slumpmässiga poäng för att det inte skulle verka misstänksamt. De säger också att Irland var i topp fem med bl.a Grekland. Sedan säger de också att alla röster är fake och att allt är bara påhittat så inga av rösterna räknas utan det är bara ett sätt att tjäna pengar.

Vi vet ju inte om någonting är sant,men jag måste säga att Jedward kom på en ganska dålig plats med tanke på alla fans de har...


2012-05-23 | 08:46:56 | Eurovision 2012

Jedward Leopard morgonrock

Man ser dem vid 0:50 .


2012-05-23 | 08:43:51 | Eurovision 2012

Ändrat "Young Love" release datum

Young Love kommer ut på Irlan den 22 juni och inte den 1 juni.


2012-05-23 | 08:41:53 | Eurovision 2012


Här kan ni se framträdandet om och om igen...

Ganska fantastiskt,va?!


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Eurovision Bilder

Awwww... Det här måste vara en av miana favoriter...

Jedward speak to the press.

Jedward meeting the  Russian Grannies at the welcome party in the Euroclub in Baku, Azerbaijan  for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jedward in Baku at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The high quiffs are gone, but Jedward's costumes and stage show are as outrageous as ever

den här också...
Jedward gave their fans a first look yesterday at the costumes and hairstyles they hope will propel them to Eurovision glory in Azerbaijan. The twins wore silver costumes resembling knights in armour and ended their act being drenched by water fountains


2012-05-22 | 23:05:22 | Eurovision 2012






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ESC Outfits

Här får ni en närmare titt


2012-05-21 | 18:00:33 | Eurovision 2012

ESC outfits

Det här är vad våra killar kommer att ha på sig imorgon i första ESC semifinalen som sänds imorgon kl. 21.00 i svt1.


2012-05-19 | 16:48:00 | Eurovision 2012


Den första:

Den andra:


2012-05-19 | 16:28:42 | Eurovision 2012

Liams Eurovision Diary

Sleeping safe and sound

Security around the Eurovision delegations has been raised considerably in the last few days,
 even though it was tight to begin with.


We woke up this morning and an airport-style metal detector had been
installed inside the door of our hotel.


We’ve always had a police escort with us but today we realised we also
 had two carloads of plainclothes police too.


We wouldn’t have noticed except we travelled
 out of the city and two silver jeeps with four
guys went all the way to our destination and back
 with us. We have police outriders shouting through
 speakers going ahead of us too. We asked our guides to
translate what they were shouting and they told us they were telling other
 cars: “Eurovision — get out of the way!’’


Russian grannies better watch out

The international media have their own Eurovision scoreboard
 which is updated everyday in the press room. A few days ago Jedward
were top of the betting to win Eurovision. Then they dropped to No.3 on
 the media’s scoreboard behind the Russian grannies and the Swedish entry.


Now currently they’re at number 6 with Russia and Romania
 at the top. I bet that will all change today when Jedward perform their second rehearsals in Crystal Hall. Then they’ll probably soar up the scoreboard again. We’ve finally worked out that whoever rehearses that day moves to the top of the leaderboard. The media are fickle people...


Roads of room for us

As if we weren’t getting enough special treatment over here, the authorities are closing the roads to all traffic except the buses of Eurovision delegations and security next week. The entire city centre is being closed for a week — kind of like closing down Dublin 1 and 2 for a week.


Traffic is bad here and they were afraid delegations would be delayed getting to and from Crystal Hall so they decided the only solution was closing the city. From Monday onwards, the streets will be empty!


Orphanage fans were real stars

No-one knew what to expect when we went to visit an orphanage in Azerbaijan.
 It seemed like a lovely place where all the children look very well-cared for.
It turned out to be a special needs facility for children who have been abandoned or whose parents cannot
 care for them. Many children learn music at the school and they were just dying to perform —
 so Jedward didn’t even have to perform once!


2012-05-18 | 18:36:50 | Eurovision 2012

Andra repningen

/ Sandra

2012-05-12 | 19:14:37 | Eurovision 2012

ESC Schema

Här är schemat för John och Edward under deras vistelse i EdzerbaiJohn. =;)

Det här är StorBritanniens tidzon så man får lägga till en timme om man vill ha svensk tid...

Monday May 14th

1st rehearsal 14:10 - 14:50

Press conference 15:35 - 16:15


Friday May 18th

2nd rehearsal 09:30 - 10:00

Press conference 10:45 - 11:15


Monday May 21st

Semi final one first dress rehearsal 16:00 - 18:00

Semi one jury final 20:00 - 22:00


Tuesday May 22nd

Semi one second dress rehearsal 14:00 - 16:00

Semi one live show 20:00 - 22:00


När de kommit till final -


Friday May 25th

Grand final first dress rehearsal 13:30 - 16:30

Grand final jury final 20:00 - 23:15


Saturday May 26th

Grand final second dress rehearsal 13:00 - 16:00

Grand final live show 20:00 - 23:00


2012-05-05 | 11:02:37 | Eurovision 2012

Baku: Crystal Hall

Här är några bilder på arenan Crystal Hall, som ESC kommer hållas i i år

Stage is coming together in the arena See: Latest photos from Baku Crystal Hall (Photo: Vugar Ibadov (Eurovision.az))

Själva arenan
Baku Crystal Hall See: Latest photos from Baku Crystal Hall (Photo: Vugar Ibadov (Eurovision.az))

Här Kommer presskonferanserna äga rum

Press centre's press conference area See: Latest photos from Baku Crystal Hall (Photo: Vugar Ibadov (Eurovision.az))

 Work on Eurovision stage begins in Baku Crystal Hall (Photo: Vugar Ibadov (Eurovision.az))


2012-05-05 | 10:56:43 | Eurovision 2012

Ny Jedward fakta frå eurovision.tv

Från eurovision.tv:

Jedward make Irish Eurovision Song Contest history as for the first time Ireland sends the same act two years in a row.

Last the year the pop duo came 8th in the contest with Lipstick – Ireland's best result in the contest for 11 years. Lipstick went on to chart in Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Austria, where it peaked at number 3.

Shortly after their success in the Eurovision Song Contest, Jedward returned to Ireland where they performed in front of an audience of 60,000 people at a concert to welcome US President Barack Obama to Ireland.

The past 12 months have been the busiest for the twins yet – they came 3rd in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother; they released their second album, Bad Behaviour and completed a sell-out tour across Ireland, UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Austria.

Jedward were selected to represent Ireland again this year after winning the Irish Eurosong selection competition, topping both the public and jury vote in February. They are performing Waterline.The twins are being mentored this year by Irish Eurovision winner, Linda Martin, who won the contest in 1992 with Why Me.

Waterline was composed by Nick Jarl and Sharon Vaughn. Nick is a songwriter/music producer from Sweden and has written songs for the likes of Westlife, Ironik! As well as songs for numerous Scandinavian acts.

Sharon Vaughn is an American songwriter living in Sweden who has composed hits for artists all over the world including Boyzone, Willie Nelson, The Wanted, Clay Aiken, Jay Smith (Swedish Pop Idol Winner), Stefanie Heinzmann, Aslan, Jedward and many more.

Ireland: Jedward Ireland 2012: Jedward - Promotional Photos (Photo: )


2012-04-14 | 09:36:13 | Eurovision 2012

Nya Albumet heter....



2012-04-11 | 12:20:43 | Eurovision 2012

Bra bild

Den här bilden stämmer in ganska bra =;)


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