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Jedward's Big Adventure och OMG! Jedward's Dream Factory

Både Jedward's Big Adventure och OMG! Jedward's Dream Factory kommer ha en andra säsong.




2012-05-09 | 20:59:57 | News

Jedward ska bära den Olympiska Elden

Från Irish Independent

MORE than 40 torch bearers will carry the Olympic flame through the streets of Dublin when it tours the only city outside the UK.


Eurovision hopefuls Jedward, former international footballer Paul McGrath and Tony Sutherland, father of the late Olympic boxer Darren, are among the latest list of relay runners revealed.


The Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) said 41 torch bearers will take part a six hour dash that will include a cross border ceremony, a civic event, a run on the Skyline roof at Croke Park stadium and a relay around the Irish capital.


Organisers said the short, symbolic visit, will reflect the success of the peace process and the all island make-up of the Irish team for the London Olympic Games.


Pat Hickey, OCI president, said the event - on June 6 - will bring the spirit of the London Games to Dublin and start the countdown for the Irish team's challenge at the world's biggest sporting event.


"It has taken many, many months of lobbying at the highest international levels to get the permission required to bring the relay south," he said.


"All along, we have had the full support of Lord Sebastian Coe, chairman of LOCOG, the London Games organising committee, for this move."


The Olympic Torch's tour of Ireland begins in east Belfast on Sunday June 3, when 400 torchbearers will begin a four day relay around Northern Ireland.


Campaigners who have helped champion issues including disability awareness and suicide prevention will be among those to carry the torch through 60 towns and villages and famous landmarks, like the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.


A series of events have also been organised to celebrate the Olympic spirit when the torch makes overnight stops in Derry, Portrush, Belfast and Newry.


Stormont Sports Minister, Sinn Fein's Caral Ni Chuilin, said of the torch run: "This is a real opportunity for the entire island to shine as the torch visits between June 3 and June 7."


There will be a short ceremony near the border as the torch travels to the Republic, with the handover between Irish Olympic boxing legends Wayne McCullough, from Belfast, and Michael Carruth, from Dublin.


Irish President, Michael D Higgins, will greet the first Dublin torch bearer in a ceremony outside the offices of the Olympic Council in Howth.


The convoy, which will include a vehicle with a miner's lantern holding the original Olympic Flame from Olympia in Greece, will move on to Croke Park - the home of GAA - before the first leg of the city relay starts.


The torch will pass several historical sites including the Garden of Remembrance, GPO, Custom House, St Patrick Cathedral, Christchurch and Dublin Castle before arriving at St Stephen's Green and going back to Northern Ireland.


Ireland's most famous Olympian, 77-year-old runner Ronnie Delany, 71-year-old paralympian Anne Ebbs, rugby star Shane Horgan, boxer Kenneth Egan, suicide prevention worker Joan Freeman and John Collins, who will represent the Traveller community, will be among the proud members of the rely team.


Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague said the relay will gives Dublin a wonderful opportunity to share in the London 2012 experience.


"On June 6 Dublin will become the only city outside of Greece and the UK to host the Olympic Flame. This is a huge honour and I call on all Dubliners to come out on the streets and cheer our torch bearers in what will be a great day for Dublin," he said.



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Jedworld Kolumn

Från Irisht Star:

Cool it, guys, Tara's just our big sis!

Hey you guys, stop sending all those death threats to Tara Reid. Tara is totally cool but she's definitely not my girlfriend. Or John's. She's like a big sister to both of us. We toured all around Ireland with Tara. We got into loads of places free too!

We got lost and stopped this lady for directions to Aillwee Cave in the Burren and it turned out she owned the place and she brought us there and reopened the place just for us and Tara!

We bought a really expensive cool fossil in the shop there. And we met loads of old ladies at the Blarney Stone and we did handstands at the Cliffs of Moher.

And we had a candlelit dinner with Tara but it wasn't romantic. You don't have romantic dinners with your sister!

So we spent a lot of cash on our little adventure around Ireland, but we've spent far more of our own money on Eurovision.

We don't know how much. Someone said it was €50,000- but me and John haven't even counted it yet.

RTE still rock but they can't afford to pay for everything so we are doing some things ourselves.

We made the video ourselves and we're paying for the kind of stuff that we want but RTE can't pay for- extra costumes and maybe special effects and that sort of thing.

We are planning some of the coolest costumes and we have ideas for some of the most amazing special effects that are totally top secret and are totally crazy.

We've been trying to see which ones will work and which ones are safe this week.

And then maybe Waterline will get sponsered by a big water company or something and we'll get all the money back.

But me and John don't really care because Eurovision was the highlight of 2011 for us and it will be the highlight for us in 2012 too when we win it!


We're getting our own documentary!

Hey guys- RTE are making this really cool documentary about us.

It's all about me and John going to Eurovision and it's going to be broadcast a week or so after the Song Contest.

It's going to capture everything about our journey to Eurovision and everyone who's working with us.

They're recording everything that's happening- from the outfits to the special effects and all the planning that goes into it.

We don't know what it's going to be called yet but it'll probably be called 'Winners!'

We performed a kind of practice run for Eurovision in Amsterdam last weekend. It was a big show called Eurovision in Concert.

We got to meet the French singer, Anguun, who is really, really cool.

And we got to meet hundreds of fans there and we bought new wooden shoes called clogs which are way too big for us.

And this cycling dude fell off his bicycle when we saw us and he told us he lived in Azerbaijan for 17 years.

We also did a cover shoot for VIP magazine there and appeared on Dutch TV show Life 4 You.


Heli of a price to pay for lift

We nearly hired a helicopter to bring us to see the Backstreet Boys in the O2 last Saturday night.

We had our tickets and backstage passes and we had loads of things that we wanted to get signed- but we were at the other side of the country in Co Clare.

It was too late to drive back in time which put the whole helicopter idea into our heads.

But they were looking for way too much money- it was like €10,000 or something way totally crazy.

We even said that the helicopter was for Jedward but that just made the price go up again!

We were really sad to miss the show because we're totally Jedicated fans of the Backstreet Boys.

Meeting them backstage at the X Factor when we were on the show was one of the best nights of our lives. We'll never, ever forget it. They were so cool and spent lots of time with us and they even arranged to get us tickets to see them at the O2 arena in London.

The Backstreet Boys are the band who inspired me and John to be popstars. They are totally Jepic so we're definitely going to see them again!


Louis was twin it to win it

Here we are with our tour manager Liam Mckenna and RTE star Derek Mooney and world famous Eurovision star Linda Martin!

We were in Bristol for the filming of Channel 4's Celebrity Deal or No Deal- which stars our manager Louis Walsh.

We were with all his friends and family on the show.

We're not allowed to tell you what Louis won.. but let's just say it was lots!


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Young Rich List

Jedward är på Sunday Times "Irish Rich List".

Det står att de här tjänat 2 miljoner euro,det är ungefär hela 18 miljoner kronor =:o


2012-04-27 | 17:49:26 | News

Linda bags designer outfits for Jedward backing singers

Från Herald.ie

RTE cutbacks haven't just affected the Eurovision wardrobe of chart-toppers Jedward.


Their famous mentor Linda Martin has revealed how she has been scrambling around for suitable designer dresses for their two backing singers as well.


She has been trying to kit out Leanne Moore and Clare O'Malley on a tight budget ahead of them taking to the stage at the semi-finals on May 22 in Azerbaijan next month.


But her knight in shining armour has stepped in to save the day after Aurora Fashions chairman Ian Galvin offered to dress the two girls in some show-stealing outfits.


Given that the two girls are a tiny size 6 and size 8 respectively, trying to find the right outfits had been proving difficult.


And she said it was important to do things on a budget.


"I was in Karen Millen this week and I got a big surprise as Ian turned around and said, 'We're sending you to Azerbaijan with a lot of our stuff' and I said, 'Jesus, I can't believe this'.


"So they gave me loads of things to take away because with everything on YouTube these days, you can't go into your rehearsal looking like you just rolled out of bed. You have to be dressed to the nines," she said.


Next month will see her head off to Baku with John and Edward Grimes as they keep their fingers crossed that they'll do the business for Ireland.


Now installed among the top five favourites, she was cautiously optimistic that they would steal the show with their ditty Waterline.


Other favourites at the moment include Spain, Sweden and Russia -- with Ireland tipped to do well.


And the former Eurovision winner also laughed off reports of a possible terrorist threat hitting the competition in the strictly Muslim country.


"You hear all of that but I remember in 1984, when I was first there, there was a terrorist threat as well," she said.


"We had armed policemen outside in the corridor so it goes on all the time. There will always be someone grumbling but my motto is, 'live and let live'."


She went on to say how the two youngsters were in "great form" and looking forward to the challenge ahead.


"I was with them yesterday and I'm meeting up with them tomorrow. We're just ticking off the boxes at this stage because it's only a couple of weeks away," she added.


The well-known personality was one of the judges on day two of Punchestown, which saw fashion-forward Louise Keatley named as the winner of the Best Dressed Lady competition.

Det står lite om vilka kläde de ska ha på sig...


2012-04-11 | 14:23:51 | News

Jedward i Vax

Det här inlägget fanns i utkastet, alltså jag skrev det för länge sedan men glömde publicera det.

Från independent.ie

Jedward get moulded at the National Wax Museum in Dublin yesterday. What a pair of dummies.


Eurovision hopefuls Jedward stopped by the National Wax Museum in Dublin yesterday, where measurements and moulds were taken to help create sculptures of the 'X Factor' stars.

Whether or not the wax from their hair will be used has not been revealed.

Fans of the Lucan, Co Dublin, twins will be able to pose alongside John and Edward all year round when the duo joins the likes of U2 and Boyzone in the iconic museum.

For those who can't wait for the sculptures, Jedward can be seen live in concert at the end of April when they kick off their Bad Behaviour Tour.

Från waxmuseumplus.ie

It's official the brothers Grime payed the museum a visit earlier this month, in true Jedward style they sat with our sculptors and were measured up to become immortalized in Wax. The pair of Eurovision hopefuls are the first Irish popstars to be measured up since Ronan Keating back in 2005. The twins have pledged to give us two of their signature outfits for the Waxworks and are adamant that we ensure their hairstyles are maintained to the highest standards.

You will have your chance to rub shoulders with Jedward early next year.


2012-04-01 | 13:16:22 | News


Edward i Tokyo


2012-04-01 | 13:15:52 | News


Ja,det verkar som det var ett april-skämt tillslut... =:) Jag skrattade väldigt mycket när jag såg det här


2012-03-10 | 13:20:26 | News

killarna kommer till Sverige igen!

2012-02-19 | 14:38:33 | News

Ny pantomin teater

Jedward: The story of Cinderella och Jedward and The Beanstalk är de pantominer som Jedward har varit med i hittills men nu kommer det en ny, Jedward and the Magic Lamp. Den kommer att spelas på Dublin's Olympia Theatre


2012-02-19 | 14:23:39 | News

Jedward är nu ett varumärke

Från independent.ie


JEDWARD have revealed a hard-headed approach to business by converting their name into a trademark.


The Irish Patents Office has just allowed the twin's parents Susanna Condron and John Grimes to register the Jedward name, to protect their sons' hair-raising brand and its money-making potential.


The Kildare brothers, whose agent is impresario Louis Walsh, are estimated to have made in the region of €4m since bursting onto the entertainment scene on ITV's 'The X-Factor' in 2009


They've appeared in adverts for companies such as Abrakebabra, mobile operator '3', Moneysupermarket.com and Nintendo. The Nintendo deal alone is reckoned to have been worth close to €600,000.


Securing a trademark for the Jedward name means anyone who now uses it in Ireland to promote or sell anything without permission, could be sued for damages, or even wind up in jail.


The trademark registration indicates the Jedward name could be used to sell many products you'd expect -- such as hair gels, and others you wouldn't, including walking sticks.


The twins' parents are evidently hoping they will come up smelling of roses for some time to come. The 'Planet Jedward' website already sells items such as T-shirts, mugs and chocolate bars.


Brand expert Gerard Tannam said the Jedward juggernaut has been very carefully cultivated and promoted by the 20-year-old twins and Louis Walsh.


"What they've been very clever with is the development of the trademark elements of Jedward, in terms of the hairstyles, catchphrases and the interaction between them," he said.


Mr Tannam said that while it's difficult to predict what kind of longevity the Jedward brand might have, he agreed they've done "very well" so far.


"With Jedward, it's very clear what you're going to get," he added, noting that their influence goes far beyond their core teenage audience.


He said that it was "no surprise" that Louis Walsh is the agent to have latched on to them.


"Louis has been very good at identifying and promoting a certain kind of Irishness that's very much based on the kid-next-door persona."


The twins are currently vying to take centre stage again this year for Ireland at the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan with their tune 'Waterline'.


They represented Ireland in Germany last year with their song 'Lipstick', and came eighth. That was the best result for Ireland in the competition since 2000.


Jedward are currently on a countrywide tour, and tickets for their shows are €35.50. They played 11 dates across Europe in January.


Slogans and words, as well as artwork specific to a brand, can all be trademarked.


Once approved, a trademark in Ireland is secure for an initial 10 years. It can then be extended indefinitely for 10-year periods.


A successful registration means that anyone who infringes the trademark by using it without permission, can be sued in court by the holder of the trademark.


That could include taking an action for damages, or an injunction preventing the use of the trademark.


But criminal cases can also result, with a conviction for infringement being punishable by up to six months' imprisonment and a fine of €1,300."


2012-02-14 | 20:10:30 | News

Irish Star Spalt

Jedward har sin egen spalt i "The Irish Star".

"No time to be Playboys, we've got a tour to do -

Guys, we turned down an invite to the Playboy Mansion this weekend — because we had to be back home to start our Irish tour tomorrow night!


We turned down all these crazy invites to the Grammy parties this weekend. Our showbiz friend Tara Reid got us invites to P Diddy’s Grammy party which he’s holding in the Playboy Mansion this weekend.


We thought that only Hugh Hefner hosted parties in the mansion but lots of other celebrities do too. It would have been really cool to go but it’s also really cool to be starting our Irish tour and meeting fans. Everyone will see all the Jepic clothes and runners we bought over in Los Angeles. We want everyone to know we’re back to earth, we’re totally real and we’re totally ready and we’re looking forward to seeing all our fans again!


We’ve been on holidays in LA all this week and we’ve had a Jepic time! We’ve been going non-stop for months so we took four days out to have a bit of fun. We love LA because we know that someone like Katy Perry could be 100 metres away from us. She could also be a million metres away from us but then some other big star like Justin Timberlake could be right beside us.


Every time you turn a corner you can maybe see one of the biggest stars on the planet! And because we wear these really cool clothes everyone thinks we’re famous too. People keep stopping us to ask if we’re famous. We’ve been staying in the SLS Beverly Hills hotel which is this totally cool hotel just next to all the big designer stores on Rodeo Drive. The guys working here have told us that they’ve seen stars like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Bon Jovi and Paris Hilton.


We met Brandy in the lobby. I didn’t know who she was but John did. She was a big singer in the 90s. We also went out to big celebrity restaurants like Mr Chows with Tara Reid and we went for sushi in Katsuya on Hollywood Boulevard. Mark from Westlife showed us Katsuya one of the last times we were in LA so we went back again this time.


We spent most of the time going out and shopping — we found this really cool boutique where Prince and Duran Duran shop. No one told us about it — we just found it — and the shop had all these cool press clippings about all the really cool celebrities who shop there. We bought the coolest clothes and now we have to buy extra suitcases to get them all home!


We’re saying no to botox factor -

All the stars here are into plastic surgery but we think it’s totally crazy. It doesn’t work anyway because we’ve seen lots of people here who have had surgery and they kind of look like aliens.


Me and John have decided we want to grow older with our fans. We think it would be crazy if all our fans were old people and we were still 20. We want to stay on the same page as our fans so we’re never going to have plastic surgery. Even if we lose our hair, we won’t care and we won’t have surgery. We’re going to get cool hats instead. We’ll be like The Edge from U2 and he’s totally cool.


There’s no L.A. pad but Tokyo is cool -

No, we were not buying a house worth €3 million in Los Angeles — and we’re not moving to Los Angeles either. There’s been lots of stories about us buying a big mansion here. We’re not buying anything — we were just looking at some really cool properties!


We went to Sothebys Auctioneers to see some Hollywood houses and the people working there were like: “Who are you guys?’’. We’re definitely going to buy our own house but it’s too crazy to live in Europe. All our Jedicated fans know where we live at home in Dublin and they’re always there — so we thought we’d look at a place somewhere like America where we can be crazy fans!


Our dream house is somewhere enclosed with a swimming pool but not too quiet. It has to be somewhere warm but not too hot because we don’t want to look like we were tangoed. We don’t know where we’re going to buy yet though — we might even buy a place in Tokyo. Tokyo is probably cool."

Älskar dem!


2012-02-03 | 14:59:27 | News

Jedward satsar högt

Från "The Irish sun"

Det är samma tjej som har skrivit "Jedward: Our Story" som skrev den här artikeln.


2012-01-29 | 13:59:12 | News

FRedagkväll med Malin

Jedward kommer att vara ed i Fredags´kväll med Malin på SvtB. De fick själva bestämma vad de ville gör a på programmet och då blev det att prata med fans och bada... Programmet kommer att sändas i mars.


2012-01-26 | 16:20:08 | News

Jedwards ESC låt

Från "The Irish Independent"

"Eurosong is looming and we will be able to hear Jedward's entry on the Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1 at 3pm on Thursday 9th February! Jedward will battle it out to represent Ireland in Eurovision in The Late Late Show's Eurosong competition on Feb 24th."

Längtar... <3

image description


2012-01-26 | 16:15:57 | News

Viktig ESC info!

Om Jedward blir vald att representera Irland i årets Eurovison Song Contest kommer de att tävla i andra halvan av semifinale ett Den 22 maj. De länder som kan rösta i den semifinal är Montenegro, Island, Rumänien, Albanien, Belgien, Lettland, Schweiz, Finland, Grekland, Moldavien, Cypern, Österrike, Danmark, Ryssland, San Marino, Israel och Ungern.

:'(  :'( :'( :'(  HOPPAS DE HAR SKRIVIT FEL!

Jag gjorde precis som Edward gör på den här bilden när jag läste att vi inte fick rösta...


PS. Det är fortfarande inte säkert om Jedward ska representera Irland i år...

2012-01-18 | 18:46:08 | News

Jedward's Big Adventure

Ett nytt program med Jedward kommer börja på CBB.
Det handlar om John och Edward som besöker några utav Stor Brittaniens världsarv... Ska bli kul att se

Lite bilder från inpelningen...


2012-01-09 | 16:54:09 | News

Jedward are back...

Hittade den här filmen på youtube. Jag känner igen den,så jag vet inte om någon har lagt upp den på bloggen tidigare...


PS.Jag tänkte kanske köra en tävling som jag komer kalla "The Ultimate Jedward fan" där man kan vinna lite grejer och så. Så kommentera om ni tyckerjag borde ha en sådan tävling... <3

2012-01-09 | 16:47:20 | News

Jedward spelar in sin Eurovision låt på onsdag

John och Edward har berättat för sina fans att de komer spela in 2012 Eurovision låt på onsdag i London!

Guuuud vad jag längtar! <3 =:)


2011-12-02 | 17:53:37 | News

Om bröllopet

En artkel från www.clickonline.com

Jedward added their own very wacky touches as they arranged the entire wedding for a bride and groom who got married in London at the weekend.

The UK couple, Beula and James, knew nothing about the arrangements for their big day until they turned up on Saturday. "As you'd expect, Jedward's wedding plans were very quirky but the bride and groom took a deep breath and jumped right in with them!" said a source.

The star-stuck pair organised a cinema-themed ceremony for the couple in the The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) venue near Piccadilly Circus in London.

There the couple were astonished to find that their wedding rings were engraved with the words "Jedward Forever". The twins then hosted a circus-themed wedding at the Bloomsbury Big Top tent near Guilford.

"It certainly wasn't what they expected but the bride and groom took it all in their stride," said the source. "The cake was a big colourful cake topped off with a clownís hat and decorated with a lion, tiger, elephant and box of pop corn."

John and Edward spent five days shooting the episode for Celebrity Wedding Planners which will be screened on Channel 5 next spring.

Former Westlife wife, Kerry Katona is also believed to be among the celebrities recruited for the four-part series. Couples recruited for the show are told their wedding day bill will be paid in exchange for giving over their big day and all the plans to an unnamed celebrity.

Haha! Vlken fin tårta =;)


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