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Big Magazine- Italy

Ännu en gång är Jedward med i den italienska tidningen "Big Magazine"

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Jedworld kolumn

Swede Love – Our fab new single is No1


Hey you guys, it’s been another Jepic week as we have just released
 our new single Young Love and it has already gone to No1 in Sweden, thanks Sweden!

We’re so happy as we love our Swedish friend Loreen who won the
Eurovision and we cannot wait to see our fans over there when we go on tour.

Not only have we gone to No1, but our video for Young Love got over
 300,000 hits on YouTube in the first day of going live.

That is awesome and it’s growing by the second so come on guys let’s get it to a million!

We had such fun making our video in the Olympia, we love it
 in there as it’s nice and dark and thought it would be a perfect place to shoot a video.

The imagination for the video was the U2 song
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.

The video was made entirely by us, we filmed it, did the lighting, and
 chose what we were going to wear and then we edited it.

We wanted to make a video that displays our emotional side and for our fans to see us
 in a whole new light in that we are not just crazy Jedward who wear wacky things and
 like to jump around the place.

It will show our emotion and passion as singers and that we are just two young
guys that are growing up and moving on to their next chapter.

As you all saw at Eurovision our hair is combed down and we are dressed
 in casual clothing instead of flamboyant costumes.

More importantly, we think we sound awesome on the album.

Before, when we were on X Factor and the first Eurovision people kept saying we
 couldn’t sing but that was because we were young and not used to performing.

Our voices have always been there we just have developed them more and they're
a lot stronger so I think the people that didn’t like us before will love us now.

We can’t wait for the album release next Friday, which is also called Young Love and that’s
 what it is all about, the love we have for our fans.

All the songs are good. It’s not like some albums where there are one or two songs
on it and that’s it, they’re all good songs.

We hope to do a lot of our new material at the Westlife concert next week, woohoo!

Don’t worry Westlife fans, we’ll help dry your tears in Dublin next weekend,
there’s gonna some major flooding at Croke Park!

We will make you dance and sing and forget about the sadness for a while
, it’s going to be awesome, playing Croke Park is like one of the biggest things
 ever for us, we’re so excited and we will make everyone excited too!


Spikes hair to stay


Our fans know how important our hair is in making the Jedward image awesome
 so that’s why we’re launching our own hair products and other cool stuff soon.

We’re going to have Jedward hair products, Jedward hairspray, Jedward skinny jeans,
 Jedward shirts, Jedward ties and Jedward everything.

We are always going to have spiky hair no matter what, it is the coolest hair in the
world, it is like the third wonder of the world. You can’t get rid of it.

I think in Eurovision last year our hair was spiky and this year we had our hair flat
 – but our spiky hair and the quiffs are never disappearing.


You should drink a skinful of water


So many fans compliment us on our skin and say that it’s always clear and spot-free
 – but that’s only because we take care of it.

We used to get spots a lot when we were younger and to avoid them we drank lots
 and lots of water.

Water is our fuel and it makes us healthy, also when you have a shower make sure
 it’s really hot so the steam opens up your pores so that you don’t get bacteria or germs building up.

Stay healthy guys and keep drinking the H2O!


Irish Star

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Jedward intervju i Frida



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Eurovision nästa år igen...?!

Eurovision nästa år igen....men för Ryssland!?

Från mirror.co.uk


The twins are representing Ireland for the second time
in tomorrow's Eurovision Song

Jedward have revealed they want to return to the Eurovision next year -
 but not to represent

Before even taking part in tomorrow's final,
 the brothers have begun hatching plans to try out for Russia.

The pop twins admitted they've fallen in love with the
church-going pensioners who are representing the world's largest country this year.

Now the 20-year-olds want to do their friendship with the
 old ladies proud and take their place next year despite not speaking the language.

And amazingly the boys would be able to represent Russia -
as it has open auditions.

Edward said: "We can represent Russia in the Eurovision,
 even though we don't speak Russian. We have so many fans in Russia."

And the Waterline lads are expecting a rapturous welcome there. John said:
"We haven't been in Russia yet, but when we do it's going to be the most craziest moment out of the world.

"When we get there, I don't know what's going to happen. The girls are
 going to go crazy - they might even kidnap us and bring us to their house
and never let us go back."

Yesterday the quiff-haired brothers had a break from rehearsing to join
Sweden's entrant Loreen - giving her advice before the second semi-final.

Edward said: "We gave her some Jedward love, and some Jedward hugs.

"We were practising our dance moves with her because every contestant wants some Jedluck."

But If Jedward manage to lift the Eurovision title tomorrow night in Baku,
Azerbaijan, it would mean Dublin would be under siege next year.

Organisers announced that next year's final will take place on May 18 -
 the same day the Heineken Cup final is set to be played at the Aviva Stadium.


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Jedward i Glitter



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Vi är med i Glitter

Haha! Min insändare kom med i tidningen! Dock har de lagt till många grejer som
jag inte skrev i mejlet =:/ men det gör inget!


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Ny Jedward iPhone-app

Haha! LLN!


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Jedward på omslaget av Sunday World

Tyvärr är bilden spegelvänd...


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Om Euro och Vision

Nej,jag skojar inte!

Jedward smuggle bunnies to lap up five-star luxury
Posted on May 17, 2012 at 6:55 AM
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Ooh! According to the Irish Examiner Jedward have smuggled their new pet rabbits into their hotel!

Animal-mad pop duo Jedward have bought two pet rabbits in Baku in Azerbaijan and smuggled them into their five-star hotel room in the city.

The Lucan lads have christened the animals Euro and Vision and hope they will bring them good luck in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday night.

The 20-year-old pair tweeted: "They are awesome and they love being in our hotel room. They’re so fluffy and lovely. We both love animals. Back home in our mum’s house in Lucan, Co Dublin, we have five dogs, a parrot and a cat called Armani. Now we have two rabbits."

They reportedly slipped away from their minders to buy the rabbits at a market in the old city, where they have been based since Sunday.

A member of the RTÉ contingent revealed: "They literally smuggled the rabbits into their luxury hotel, the staff or management don’t seem to know about their presence. We don’t know what will happen when they discover them, which they’re bound to do now that the guys have been tweeting about them."

The twins are being accompanied by road manager Liam McKenna, their mother Susanna and mentor Linda Martin.

Jedward are planning an extravagant stage show, reportedly with a water theme for the final, but will have to get through the semi-finals first.


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Jedward i Italiensk Tidning

Från den Italienska tidningen "Big"

Tyvärr har jag ingen aning om vad det står...

2012-04-27 | 17:43:11 | Tidningar

Jedward i Frida

Så här ser omslaget ut:

Och det här är intervjun:


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Irish Star kolumn

Ny singel... <3

We're gonna turn it into Hair Lingus

Watch out guys, we're going to be flying all the way to America this summer on Aer Lingus!

We just recorded an audio programme for the airline's in-flight entertainment- and it'll be available all summer on their transatlantic routes.

It's all about how we entertain ourselves on long-haul routes and what we do to make them enjoyable.

It's also about what not to do on a long flight- like not messing with any of the safety equipment on board.

They don't like you taking out the life jackets and inflating them on the plane, do they, Edward?

To make your flight even more perfect, our Eurovision song Waterline is also on the programme.

We also told Aer Lingus if they're ever short of cabin crew, me and Edward are always available.

We've been on so many flights now we know all the drill. Like "Now we require your full attention as the flight attendants demonstate the safety features of this aircraft." and "Insert the metal clip into the fastener and tighten by pulling on the looser end of the strap."

And let's not forget "Make sure your seat's back and trays are in their upright position."

We're really good at pushing the drinks trolley, too. So, if we're ever not Jedward, we can always be your flight attendants John and Edward.

Twin-finity and beyond

Wouldn't it have been nice to win the biggest lottery jackpot in history?

The American lottery was worth $656 million earlier this month. That's like a whole lot of money.

Me and John said we'd like to win it because then we could make lots of clones of ourselves and they could go out all over the world and meet all our fans.

Then we'd have enough money left to hire Britney Spears as our support act everywhere we go. How cool would that be, guys?

We'll give it our best shoot

We're meeting our very famous new granny today and her name is Mrs Brown from the TV show, Mrs Brown's Boys.

Mrs Brown is going to be the granny in the video for our new Euro 2012 football single called Green Cape.

We're going to play the part of her superhero grandsons and she's going to send us out to save Europe or Ireland or something in the video.

We love Mrs Brown's Boys- it's one of our favourite TV shows and for ages we thought she was a real woman. We were like, 'are you serious?' when we found out she's really a man called Brendon O'Carroll.

So we don't really know if we'll be meeting Mrs Brown or Mr O'Carroll or both when we meet up to shoot the rest of the video today.

We've already shot scenes with famous people like footballer Paul McGrath and RTE's Miriam O'Callaghan and Larry Gogan and TV3's Glenda Gilson and our manager, Louis Walsh.

Oh and Dustin, Zig and Zag, and Bosco are on it and lots of other famous stars.

The new single is released on May 4th before we go to Eurovision and it's going to number one because it's Jepic!

We loved our shows in Mayo and Kerry!

Hey guys! We really enjoyed seeing you all at our shows in Castlebar and Killarney this week.

In Castlebar, we went to Mayo General Hospital to meet all the kids on the children's ward.

Our Jepic manager Louis Walsh's sister Sarah works there and she asked us to visit.

We have to say sorry to all you guys in Killarney who had to wait so long for our show to start.

There was a massive teachers' conference which ran late and you know teachers are very scary so we couldn't say: "Hey you! Out now!"

Actually, the teachers were really cool and even cut short their speeches so that we could set up.

But thank you guys for being so patient!

We're faster than U2!

Our Jedicated fans all over the world have been buying our new Eurovision song, Waterline, since it was released on iTunes and Amazon last week.

The song has gone into the iTunes charts in Estonia and Latvia and Sweden and Finland and Turkey and loads of other cool countries.

It was just released in Germany and Austria yesterday too and it would be so cool if it charted.

We're also editing the video for our Waterline single.

We did most of it in Tokyo- it's going to be so cool!

Watch out guys because we've also picked out the photos for the album and now we have to decide on a name for it.

We're really, really fast at recording a new album.

U2 take ten years or something like that, but we're really, really focused so we're really fast.

We can record one of our songs in less than an hour.

Each of us sings it once and then we sing it together and it's done!

We're the one-take wonders!


2012-04-07 | 17:01:02 | Tidningar

Ny profilbild

De har bytt profilbild på twitter! Vad tycker ni?

De är ju självklart lika snygga som vanligt... <3


2012-04-04 | 21:50:22 | Tidningar

Jedward i Italiensk tidning

Jedward är med i Italienska tidningen "Ragazza Moderna"s april nummer


2012-04-04 | 21:46:02 | Tidningar


Tänkte bara visa en bild från när jag var på McDonalds. På koppen fanns det en liten bild på en gubbe med Jedward frisyr... Tyckte jag var lite roligt =;)


2012-04-04 | 21:42:03 | Tidningar

Jedward i Julia

Jedward i tidningen "Julia".


2012-02-27 | 16:47:38 | Tidningar

Jedwards kolumn

Det står om deras album!

Help name our new album

Can you believe we’re recording our third album? That’s totally crazy!


You guys won’t believe how Jepic the album is going to be when it comes out this summer.


We recorded two new songs for the album last week in between all the rehearsals for Eurosong.


The first one is Young Love — it’s me and John doing our Chris Brown thing. It’s a real love song and all the girls are going to love it. It’s like nothing we’ve done before. Then we have another song, What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number and it’s really upbeat and catchy and dance-y and everyone is going to love that too.


We also have our new single, Waterline, for the album and we have to record more next month. Our last two albums were real pop teen music but this has songs which are much more meaningful and deep. Our big hope for this album is that we keep all our old fans and we find lots of new ones. The only problem is we don’t have a title for it. We need all the fans to come up with ideas and send them to jedward@thestar.ie.


Mrs Brown's a man... OMG!

Hey guys! Get your Green Capes On because we’ve loads of celebrities shooting the video for our Euro 2012 football song next Saturday! We’ll have famous footballers like Paul McGrath, RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan and DJ Larry Gogan will be on it... and TV3’s Glenda Gilson and our manager, Louis Walsh.


Dustin, Zig and Zag and Bosco are also going to feature along with boxer Bernard Dunne and comic PJ Gallagher. Bill O’Herlihy is doing it with us — as is TV chef Rachel Allen and Keith Duffy from Boyzone. And we’ll have Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys — who is going to be our mam in the video and loads of other celebrities.


We love Mrs Brown’s Boys — it’s one of our favourite ever TV shows but for ages we thought Mrs Brown was a real woman so we were like “Whoa!” when we found out she was a man dressed as a lady. Mrs Brown is amazing! The video is going to be part-animated and we’re going to be superheroes in it and it’s all really futuristic — it’ll be so cool!


The song is called Green Cape and the lyrics have been written by 2fm’s Colm Hayes to the same tune as our Eurovision hit, Lipstick. We recorded the single in London weeks ago and it will be released as a Jepic charity single for the ISPCC in May. There are going to be green capes on sale everywhere and then all the Irish fans will buy them and watch the really cool video and buy the single!


Adele cut-off was Brit rude

Adele at the Brits? So totally not cool. We had to watch the Brits on TV because we were working here in Ireland all week. We couldn’t believe it when Adele won the biggest prize for Best Album and they told her to stop talking.


She’s just after having an operation for her voice and everyone should be grateful that she has a voice and instead she was cut off and she was told there wasn’t enough time. There should always enough time for Adele and for the winner of the Brits. Adele rocks so it was totally not cool.


Get Jeddy for wild times

Our new TV show, Weird Wild World, on Channel 5 will totally rock! We thought it was going to be just one episode but now they’re like making 12 or 13 episodes which are all about a half-hour long.


We’ll be introducing the funniest and best and even the most painful video clips on the web. And not only that but we’ll be doing all these crazy costume changes and we’ll be re-enacting what happens in the video. It’s going to be Jedtastic!


Costume drama

Don’t you think our outfits for Eurosong were totally cool? We went for black and gold and went big and dramatic because we thought wearing blue for the song Waterline would be too predictable. The top was sort of Matrix-style and we had black shiny jeans so everyone could see our hips wiggle. It was like we were sewn into the outfits.


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Jedward i FHM magazine

Här är skannerna från FHM magazine.


2011-12-19 | 15:57:05 | Tidningar

Jedward i KP

Alla ni som prenumererar på KP har tur för då har ni antagligen fått en jättefin Jedward poster!

Så här ser den ut.


2011-08-20 | 18:38:12 | Tidningar

Jedwards brorsa i Heat Magazine


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